Blogging is Hard !


So I was thinking the other day how hard blogging can be sometimes. For most of us it is our passion and we continue to jot down our feelings and opinions about everything happening in our surroundings, but when you talk about pursuing a career in blogging, or making money out of blogging, it is a whole other ball game that not only requires ambition but also a high level of tolerance, patience and perseverance! In Pakistan alone, if I were to start a blog about Brides, Fashion and/or what the elite of the country wore to the latest wedding ceremony, I would bring in loads and loads of followers/readers.

HOWEVER, Me, as Dappistan, I chose to blog about menswear and mens fashion – which focused more on men from the South Asian regions!

Now the next question that would pop up inevitably is – Why Did I Start Blogging?

To answer that I will have to tell you that growing up in Lahore, Pakistan, I have seen how men haven’t ever taken Fashion seriously. Well by Fashion I did not expect one to walk down the streets in a Flashy Elton John ensemble, but what I did expect was for men to pay attention to what they were wearing. See Fashionable people are usually stereotyped in South Asian regions for being feminine, which is wrong for a battery of reason and thankfully times have changed with the advent of Social Media. But then again, even now you would not get to see men paying a lot of attention to detail.


Elton John (Source: E! Online)

If I compare people from the West to people from South Asian countries, I don’t think it would be wrong to say that in the west people build a lifestyle for themselves and then try to maintain in. In our part of the world we do not really aspire for a LifeStyle, a majority of people would just aspire for things. Now if you take it a step further and think about it, all these “Things” we run after and create synergy which has been termed as “LifeStyle” so it is important to know that every part of your being is not only reflected through your personality or the way you talk or any other physical aspect, but it is also portrayed through your lifestyle – which is the way you dress, the way you live, your discipline, your civic sense, your aesthetic, everything! My reason to start blogging was that I wanted people to realise this. I wanted MEN to try and put effort in the way they looked to others around them (especially Pakistani men).

Working on Dappistan has been a journey in itself, and a rather cathartic one, while being illuminating at the same time. Blogging for Men is hard as F*** because a lot of guys are hesitant in sharing their opinions about it. Maintaining followers seems like a struggle sometimes because you have to worry about content that will keep the followers engaged! On top of that attracting more followers feels like a ‘CRUSADE’!

Yes Gentlemen, getting you to follow and engage is a lot harder especially when it comes to topics like Menswear, Life style and Fashion!

But on a lighter note! I shall continue to Blog about Menswear regardless of how hard it may seem and regardless of all the times that I think about giving up on it!




4 thoughts on “Blogging is Hard !

    1. Haha. I was there, and didnt we have a conversation about this. I told you that you wrote really well and that you shouldve continued. You can always write here ^_^
      and Thank you so much! Appreciate it! 🙂


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