2015 : Trends and Faux Pas

As featured in Express Tribune (Pakistan)

Its that time of the year when sweaters come out, fireplaces are lit up and when hot chocolate/coffee becomes our kryptonite. The year is coming to an end and as we bid farewell to 2015 and welcome 2016, lets go over the biggest trends and faux pas of this past year.




Statement Coats

The Fall/ Winter campaigns this year were big on Oversized Statement coats and Long length coats. Double Breasted coats were trending everywhere and bringing the whole retro look back to the racks in menswear shops.


Draping Coat

We don’t know if Kim Kardashian is the one to be held responsible for making this trend not only popular among the ladies, but the trend picked up very quickly amongst the men of the world. It was big on the streets of some of the biggest fashion capitals of the world. And to be honest, its not a bad trend considering how its very difficult to wear layers during the period when the weather is transitioning from Summer to Fall. Its not too hot and its not too cold yet and wearing a coat makes you sweat.

Solution: Just drape the coat instead of actually wearing it.

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Longline Shirts/StreetWear

Some people might disagree with this trend because its not for everyone but 2015 was the year of Streetwear. Long-lined T shirts and shirts in general were Big! Its not everyones cup of tea but for those who can really pull it off.

Yeezys / Trainers

Now if it werent for the YEEZYs. Kanye West’s collaboration with Adidas and this fabric trainer was the most sought after shoe of all time. It was like the hunger games! Fans cued outside stores for ages before getting a pair and most of them had to go back without anything. The shoes originally costed $200 but after the soaring demand, the shoes were being resold over E Bay and other platform for as much as $1500. Well clearly anything touched by Lord Yeezus turns to Gold. Literally!

Monogram Slippers

Formal slippers were already a major trend for men but 2015 was when guys started getting custom monograms and embroidery on their Slippers/loafers. A nice way to put an individualistic spin on things.

Color Trends:  Camel and Military Green

Two colors that were bigger than the staple greys, blues, blacks and whites were ‘Army Green’ and ‘Camel/Nude’. For complete mono-color looks to statement coats, both the colors were big in street style.


Source: Pause Online

Metal Cap Shoes

One name : Giuseppe Zanotti. The one man who single handedly made the whole metallic cap – toe shoe a big thing. He was also the one who introduced metal in footwear for men.

Wide Legged Trousers

The wide legged trouser was big on the Runway. Again, a very retro trend that picked up this year. It is a tricky trend because not everyone knows how to pull it off but for those who do, it some how works out and looks cool.


Source: Tommy Ton


Source: The Sartorialist


Turtle Neck

Turtle necks and roll over sweat shirts/ sweaters have made a comeback this year. They have never really gone out of style but this year they were seen everywhere from the ramps to the streets.

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 19.01.56.png

Source: GQ

Chelsea Boots

The one thing that comes to mind with Chelsea Boots is British Fashion and British Street Style. You can blame Harry Styles of One Direction for this but the trend is nice. They have become a sort of wardrobe staple for this fall and look nice too. Considering how they can make an entire ensemble look semi formal.







Man Bun

For me, the biggest Faux Pas for 2015 was the Man Bun. A lot of guys have been seen sporting the whole trend but for some reason it just has gone a little over board. ‘How to make a man bun’ was one of the most Googled phrases of 2015 which is absolutely ridiculous. They look good on some people but the worst kind of man buns is the one with the undercut and the pony tail which is just plain absurd.


Source: Vox – An ultimate guide to the “Man Bun”

Super Low V- Neck

Okay. Lets take a moment to mourn the death of fashion with these super low V Necks *takes a moment*.

Now that we have recovered from the trauma, lets talk about how this trend was just – BAD! Guys with a nice build might have some how worked this out but 2015 was Not the year for a low V Neck. And for those of you who still have this in your closet, please burn your low cut shirts.


Trademark Logo Fashion and Accessories

For some odd and incomprehensible reason, guys from the South Asian Regions and Arab countries really like wearing accessories and clothes plastered with Trademark Logos. And lets be honest, it looks bad. Whether its the monogram Gucci print or huge belt buckles with the alphabets LV, H (Hérmes) or G (Gucci)  on them. And the idea of wearing Polo shirts and then tucking them in to show off your branded belts is a big FAUX PAS. So please. Stop!

Half Sleeve Button Downs

Half sleeve button down shirts have been a very common piece of clothing that one can easily buy. But for us, its not the best of trends. Its just off-putting and seems like a disproportionate mistake. Its better to go with a full sleeve button down and fold the sleeves.


Ugly Trainers

Yes we know that trainers have been trending for a long while but that doesn’t mean you get to wear Grandpa Jogger-like trainers! If you do like the trend then please invest in a nice pair of trainers. Research a little before you end up buying a pair because even some of the biggest brands sell the ugliest trainers! So don’t be to brand obsessed and look for something that is aesthetically pleasing.


3 Quarter Length Trousers

3 Quarter length trousers, more popularly known as Bermuda pants in our part of the world are a huge mistake. Please just do yourself a favor and dispose off all such items in your closet. These pants are odd and are not trendy in anyway. Nothing can justify the use of these pants unless youre a fisherman or your profession requires you to wear them (which is highly unlikely). As alternative for these is what is more popularly knows “Cropped Pants”. Cropped pants look nice, they provide a semi formal look, they don’t look too shabby and they show off your shoes. So if you are fond of showing off some skin then you can always get a pair of cropped pants or crop of a pair of pants that you already own.



Patterned Button Downs

Horrendous Printed Button Downs = BIG NO = FAUX PAS OF ALL TIME.

Gentlemen, please get ride of the paisleys or awkward stripes! They do not look good. What you should be wearing is a nice crisp plain shirt. Plain shirts are always a safe bet. They go with practically everything. You can wear them formally and casually. The best thing to do is to invest in nice plain white and neutral colored shirts.


Football League T-Shirts

Gentlemen, we don’t mean to offend anyone and we understand how serious you are about your favorite football leagues, but you don’t have to advocate your fanaticism by wearing your respective Football league T- Shirts (unless you’re playing football). If you are into sportswear, there are quite a few other options. Its 2015 (and soon will be 2016), and no one will question your loyalty to your favorite league if you don’t wear those jerseys.